Understanding The Day

The Champ Funeral Experience

With over three decades of experience, Champ delivers a true sense of occasion, and you can rest assured that we’ve considered and prepared for every practicality, leaving you free to celebrate the life of the person you have lost.

Saying goodbye is just part of the service. We work with you to create the perfect funeral ceremony by:

  • Setting a suitable tone for the day – be that joyous, serene, sombre or other emotion.
  • Reflecting the wishes of the person who has died – we help you honour their beliefs, values and traditions.
  • Choosing the most fitting words – we create amazing and unique eulogies, or if you want to write the tribute yourself, you can be assured we’re here to support you.
  • Remembering your loved one as they were – by telling the stories that make you laugh and cry.
  • Picking the right music – from hymns to rock-n-roll or something of your own.
  • Selecting a suitable venue – we’ve arranged intimate family gatherings at home and lively send-offs in theatres and other venues.
  • Doing something unique – commemorate the person who has died in a way that’s fitting for them. From balloon releases to Formula One cars, we’ll help you think creatively to craft a most memorable and distinctive day.

“As soon as we walked into your funeral home, the
atmosphere was perfect. You understood everything we wanted and made us feel completely at ease when handing the care of our mother to you. The day of the funeral was so elegant and very graceful – you did her and us proud”.

Jill Chambers

What to Expect
on the Day

Although there is no such thing as a typical Champ funeral, there tends to be a common order of events;

  • Family and close friends arrive at our funeral home, your home or another location of your choice.
  • We arrive respectfully and elegantly presented in our pristine Mercedes fleet, horse-drawn funeral carriage or another form of chosen transport.
  • Flowers will have been carefully prepared and displayed around the casket or basket in the hearse.
  • Close family and friends are driven to the location of the service following the hearse either in our limousines or other form of chosen transport.
  • The service will take place in line with the preparations we have helped you make:
  • Your chosen celebrant or minister will direct the funeral ceremony.
  • The Champ team will be on-hand to gently guide everyone through each stage of the day.
  • Sometimes the service is split, for example, between a church and crematorium or cemetery. In this instance the mourners leave one venue and go to the next in the same vehicles as before.
  • Flowers are often laid outside the church, crematorium or at the graveside and people are able to read the words on the wreaths.
  • The cars take the mourners to the reception where people continue to share their memories.

In the case of cremation we will return the ashes of your loved one to you or conduct a scattering or placement of the ashes ceremony. Our support continues beyond the day of the funeral in our role as grief recovery specialists.

“Everyone at Champ made us feel welcome and your service
was excellent and caring. We appreciated the mark of respect as we paused outside Dad’s house and also his previous address on the way to the church”.

Lesley Cookson

Taken Care Of

Our families tell us they couldn’t have been prouder of the ceremonies we’ve helped them create. They leave our service knowing that everything possible was done to commemorate the life of the person who died in a way that resonated with all those involved.

Our beautiful funerals and exquisite care create a positive funeral experience which makes precious memories.

“If it’s possible to say we had a perfect funeral, then that
is what we got on the day. Your presentation was excellent in every way and it would not have been possible to ask for anything more. In my opinion Champ Funeral Services is second to none”.

Carole Wright