Grief Support

Certified Grief
Recovery Specialists

Grief Support

Grieving is a natural part of any loss. Be it related to bereavement, work, health, divorce or anything else that life throws at us.

As qualified grief specialists, Champ are experienced in supporting people through challenging times and helping them live again.

Lianna Champ has been a grief expert for over 30 years and is also a published author with her book, How to Grieve Like a Champ. The book is a practical guide and comforting method for dealing with grief and is available in major bookstores.

“Everyone who has grieved, or known someone who has, will read this book with a pen in their hand underlining sentence after sentence of balanced, sensitive and realistic advice”

This guide distills over 30 years of bereavement expertise into a practical and comforting method for dealing with grief.

We also offer outreach programs for the Grief Recovery Method®. The action program for moving beyond death, divorce and other losses.

If you are struggling following a loss or feel as if your life isn’t as happy as it could be, please contact us for an initial chat to see if the Grief Recovery Program is for you.

Recently, Lianna talked about grief with Rebecca McGuff on her show – ‘The Dead Good Show’. The programme went out on Monday 2nd Dec and is available to listen to on BBC Sounds.  Lianna’s chat with Rebecca begins just after 1 hour into the programme.

Follow the link here to listen:

Grief Support

“Many thanks for your help and support since Barry passed.
I feel the grief road is a very difficult journey for all concerned. It is such a comfort to know there are people like you who are just a phone call away”.

Anne Nowell

Grief Support

A True Understanding
of Grief

Losing a loved one, whether sudden or expected, is a traumatic experience and one that nobody can ever truly be prepared for.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve and every individual will experience it on their own terms in their own time. There are no stages to grief but it is common to experience:

  • Lack of concentration – simple tasks can become difficult.
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns.
  • Sense of fear, nausea and extreme stress.
  • Sad, distraught or a sense of relief, especially following a long illness

Our emotions can wash over us unexpectedly and it’s important that we can express our feelings when we feel them. Finding someone that you feel safe with to share your emotions is a key part of the process.

At Champ, we understand this which is why we provide a safe space to think, feel and grieve. You won’t be rushed into making any decisions until you’re ready: once you are, our caring team will be on-hand, guiding and supporting you through the choices that have to be made.