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With our unique understanding of grief and loss developed and crafted over thirty years, we know exactly what you need. Our expertise is evident from the first conversation and you’ll find every aspect of our approach tailored to your individual requirements.

From a simple ceremony to a more elaborate send-off, Champ Funeral Services distinctive approach gives you everything you need to create the perfect funeral experience.

Beyond Grief

Move through the grieving process with this essential companion guide to loss.

The often confusing and complicated road through grief can be hard to navigate. Lianna Champ offers an open hand to guide you through with this practical and comforting book.

Thoughts & Insights

Preserving Their Spirit: A Look at Unique Memorial Ideas

Introduction Memorial services are a way to honour and remember loved ones who have passed away. These gatherings provide a sacred space for family and friends to come together to share memories, support each other, and celebrate the life of the deceased. While traditional memorial services are common, there are also unique and creative ways…

Our Guide to Funeral Planning, What Are the Key Steps?

Key Steps in Funeral Planning Our Guide to Funeral Planning: What Are the Key Steps? Key Steps in Funeral Planning Funeral planning is a crucial process that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Understanding the key steps involved can help alleviate some of the stress during this difficult time. First and foremost, it is…

Lancashire, History, Traditions, Food

Nestled in the heart of North West England, Lancashire is a county that beckons with a rich tapestry of history, vibrant traditions, and a culinary heritage that captivates the senses. This enchanting region, known for its picturesque landscapes and welcoming communities, has a story to tell that spans centuries. In this blog post, we will…

“Carl and Lianna made my mum’s day so beautiful. The
service was incredible – sympathetic, courteous and very respectable. Anything we requested, Champ made it happen.”

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