Thinking of Scattering Your Loved Ones Ashes?

Scattering ashes is a deeply personal way to say goodbye to a loved one.  Lancashire, with its diverse landscape that includes coastlines, hills, forests, and urban parks, offers numerous fitting places to scatter ashes.  However, it’s important to remember that you should always obtain the necessary permissions before scattering ashes in any location.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Forest of Bowland: An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Forest of Bowland offers stunning views and serene spots to scatter ashes amidst nature.
  2. Pendle Hill: Steeped in history and local folklore, this is a tranquil place with sweeping views of the Lancashire countryside.
  3. Lancashire Coast: Places like Lytham St Annes or Morecambe Bay offer a serene setting where ashes can be scattered into the sea or along the beach.
  4. Rivington Pike and Terraced Gardens: This historic parkland offers numerous quiet spots with panoramic views.
  5. Brockholes Nature Reserve: With its diverse range of habitats from lakes, reed beds to woodlands, this is a serene place to scatter ashes.
  6. Lancaster Canal: This tranquil waterway, stretching through much of Lancashire, could be a peaceful spot, particularly if your loved one had an affinity for water.
  7. Public Parks: Lancashire has numerous parks, such as Avenham and Miller Parks in Preston or Queen’s Park in Blackburn. If considering a park, you would need permission from the local council.
  8. Private Land: If you or someone you know owns land in Lancashire, this could be an intimate and personal place to scatter ashes. Always ensure that you have permission if it’s not your land.
  9. Rivers: Lancashire boasts numerous rivers, like the Ribble or Lune. Again, you’ll need to check regulations before scattering ashes.
  10. Gardens and Arboretums: Some gardens might allow for the scattering of ashes. It’s best to enquire ahead of time.
  11. Football Grounds or Sporting Venues: If your loved one was a passionate supporter, some clubs might allow for a private ceremony. Check with individual clubs or venues.

Points to Remember:

  • Always get permission: If you’re considering a location like a public park, nature reserve, or beach, contact the local council or the relevant authority to get permission.
  • Consider environmental impacts: Ensure that scattering ashes won’t harm the environment. For instance, don’t scatter ashes near water sources if the ashes contain non-biodegradable elements.
  • Think about the wishes of the deceased: The most important thing is to choose a location that would have been meaningful to your loved one.

Finally, once you’ve chosen a location, consider holding a small ceremony or gathering to honor your loved one, involving family and friends in sharing memories and saying goodbye.