Funeral Service

Time: 1.00pm

Date: Wednesday 10th January 2024

Service Details:
The service and cremation will be held at Accrington Crematorium.

Edna Walmsley

On the 2nd of December, 2023 Edna passed away peacefully, without pain, and with her friends and family. Although not a churchgoer, Edna nevertheless had a deep spiritual commitment. She found comfort in prayer and poetry, and often recited “Psalm 23.”

Edna was born in Great Harwood, the only child of Elizabeth and James Dobson. She loved school and disliked holidays. Her love for words first came from her Cousin Stephen, who introduced her to books and to Accrington Library. One of the first books she read for herself was a ‘Peep Behind The Scenes’, followed closely by the  ‘Just William’ books, which she loved. Her interest in reading became a huge part of her life. It was her English teacher, Miss Holden, who introduced Edna to the poetry she learned in class and which gave her pure joy throughout the whole of her 107 years. Edna loved reciting, and used her understanding of poetry and words to enrich her thinking and the emotions she felt throughout her life. Edna married Cliff Walmsley from Whalley. They had 3 children, Andrew, Adrienne and Alyson whom they supported and encouraged to the full. She was a full time mother who devoted her time to cooking, baking and, above all, to developing a family home. Another of Edna’s strong interests was cooking. Her knowledge of food led her to produce amazing meals – her cakes and scones were spectacular. A trip to Booths in Blackburn to view produce and cheeses from all over the world, followed by chicken sandwiches and tea in the upstairs cafe was a real treat. Edna loved beautiful things including clothes. She had a real interest in colour and style and was always admired for her sense of style. Opportunities for travel came to her in midlife. One experience of which she was particularly proud, was flying alone to India to visit her daughter Adrienne. Other journeys overseas followed to Vienna and Germany. However the beauty she found in England and its countryside could not be bettered in her eyes. Whenever she was out on trips she would marvel at its beauty. By nature Edna was fair minded and loyal. She wasn’t one to indulge in gossip and always took the side of justice and fairplay. She was honest to others and to herself, and was a good listener and a wise advisor. Edna managed with the support of all her children, family and her loyal friends,to live in her own home until she was 104 years old. Her fierce determination –  one of her strongest characteristics, and her sense of humour gave her all she needed to live a supported life and gave her a kind of independence. The sudden death of her son Andrew (husband to Anita ) had an enormous impact on Edna and contributed to the decision to seek a life in the care at Pendle Brook. By this time her hearing and sight had deteriorated seriously. Adjusting to this new environment and dealing with covid lock down was not at all easy for her or her family. However, Edna’s family thank the staff at the home for looking after her to their best ability. Some of the activities and time given by Claire at Pendle Brook gave Edna much needed company and variety. It was very much because of Claire that Edna had such a memorable 107th birthday.

Thank you to everyone who loved,supported and laughed with Edna. Her life was a good life, enriched by all of her family and friends, Catherine and Stuart, Avis and John and Marion.

Donations in lieu of flowers are gratefully being received in memory of Edna on behalf of Dementia UK.  To make a donation, please click the blue donate button at the foot of this page.

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    Clare Pritchard

    Edna was a wonderful lady, and by that I mean a REAL lady, sophisticated, entertaining and a wonderful poet and a living historian. It was an honour to know her. Love to all her family.


    I was one of the carers that used to call in on Edna. Edna loved nothing more than a chat over a cup of tea . Edna was always interested in what you had to say and told a story or 2. Edna had a young outlook on life, always smartly dressed and had her hair done at Henderson’s every fortnight. Rest easy Edna you where a very inspirational lady xxx

    Joan Isherwood (nee Ridehough)

    So very sorry Adrienne and Alyson .A wonderful lady. I have never forgotten our happy days together.

    Andrew Dixon

    Mrs Walmsley was also so kind to my and brother and I at Christmas also leaving us kind gifts. My dad used to paint and decorate for Mrs Walmsley. Heart felt respects to you all.

    Robert Dixon

    Mrs. Walmsley was a lovely lady.I always enjoyed working for her and Clifford as she always wanted first class work to be done and the finest materials to be used.Not only that her apple pie and ice-cream was the best!!

    Friend of a friend

    Edna was a delightful lady who always had a sparkle in her eye and a kind word.