15 Ideas for Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care

15 Ideas for Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care By Lianna Champ


1. Flowers

There are more requests for donations in lieu of flowers, so those that decorate the casket are mainly from family. Sending a lovely bouquet to the family home is a thoughtful way to show you care and flowers can brighten their surroundings.


2. Food

When we are bereaved, it can be difficult to carry out the simplest of tasks and cooking often takes a back seat as we can be pulled in so many different directions. A timely casserole or lovely home baked cake to share with visitors is often welcome.


3. Your Time

Offer to help around the house or with shopping and ironing. Schedule a time to do this and keep to it. Gifts of time are wonderful and are always greatly appreciated.

15 Ideas for Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care


4. Memory Candle

A personalised candle makes a beautiful bereavement gift and the candle can be lit on special days of remembrance as well as those times when we just need to connect and harness our thoughts in the most spiritual of ways. The flame signifies the continuation of the spirit even after death.


5. Photo Frame

Presenting a beautiful photo is a lovely gesture and can evoke memories of happy times.


6. Memory Box or Jar

This creates an on-going, unfolding gift where favourite memories can be written down as they are brought to mind on decorated pieces of paper and placed in the memory box. Special items can also be added — a lock of hair, photo, pebbles, crystal heart or anything that has meaning for you. It’s lovely to be able to open the memory box on those occasions when you need to feel close to the person you have lost.


7. Plant or Shrub

Another lovely bereavement gift which can be presented in a beautiful tub or planted in the garden, especially for lovers of the outdoors and gardeners. If cremation has been selected, the ashes or a portion of them can be blended into the soil, creating a living memorial.

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8. Tree Bauble

A personalised bauble with a loving message on can be hung indoors or outdoors all year round. There are also baubles which can be personalised for Christmas to hang on a Christmas tree. Christmas is a family time and hanging a personalised bauble can help to bring us into communion with those we have lost and they will be there in our thoughts each time our eyes fall upon the bauble.


9. Memory Bear

When we lose someone, we store so much love for them inside and it doesn’t always have somewhere to go. A bear is wonderful as we can hug it, and let’s be honest everyone loves a bear. Buy or make a baby top for the bear and have the name of the person who has died embroidered onto the top. Bears are a lovely way for us to give that much-needed hug especially if we need a good cry.


10. Wild Flower Tokens

A symbol of the continuity of life. There’s something quite special about planting something. It directs our thoughts to the person we love and gives their spirit energy. Watching the flowers grow also evokes our love for the person.


11. Memorial Garden Ornament

A special bereavement gift for those who particularly love nature, the outdoors or their garden. A memorial sundial or a bird table makes a lovely gift which can be enjoyed for many years. They can help to connect us with the rhythms of nature reminding us of the beauty in life and the warmth of the sun.

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12. Cushion

A cushion or item made from cuts of the favourite pieces clothing of the person who has died. This can make a totally unique and personal bereavement gift.


13. Memorial Jewellery

There are many beautiful jewellery bereavement gifts available from fingerprint items to lockets and hearts for photos, locks of hair and grains of cremated remains. A beautiful way to remember and a lovely keepsake.


14. Spa Treatment Gift Voucher

When someone is grieving, there’s nothing more comforting than the feeling of being wrapped in cotton wool. A gift voucher for a soothing massage or healing therapy can be most welcome.


15. Crystals

Crystals are a beautiful bereavement gift and can be chosen for a particular area of focus. E.g. Rose quartz is for healing and love and they can be held in the hand for moments of reflection, meditation and spirituality.

15 Ideas for Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care


15 Ideas for Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care

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15 Ideas for Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care