Why it’s ok to grieve when you’re going through the menopause by Lianna Champ

Lianna recently wrote for We Are the City about how it’s ok to grieve when you are going through the menopause.

“Grief is the intense emotional experience triggered by the loss of someone we love or of something we value and that includes changes in the things we are familiar with. Grief is a normal and natural reaction when we suffer any kind of loss and it may be surprising to learn that the menopause can also be a grieving experience. Some women are able to navigate the menopause relatively easily, but for most it can be a real dark night of the soul. We mourn for everything that was as we try to come to terms with Mother Nature’s conveyer belt.  The menopause signifies the end of so many things – our biological reproduction clock, our youth, changes in our energy levels, to name just a few.”

Read the full article here.

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