Meet Your Funeral Planning Expert: Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson – Office Manager, Systems Streamliner, Reliable All-rounder, adoring Mum.


What qualifications do you possess and how do they help you do your job?

I have a HND in Business Studies and a Masters Law Degree. I also have a wealth of experience of working within an office environment and working with people. All these strings to my bow smooth the diversity in my working day.


Describe an average working day for you at Champ Funerals:

Being office based, I’m usually the first point if contact for visitors to our beautiful funeral home and also via telephone. I’m always here if anyone needs me, and because we all work so closely together it creates a seamless service to our families.  No two days are the same, and my workload is varied, from speaking to clients and making arrangements tailored to their needs, to carrying out admin tasks such as producing estimates and invoices. I particularly enjoy being responsible for our Champ Book of Remembrance. It really means so much to relatives and friends to see the named entries. I find the writing very therapeutic. I also specialise in funeral planning and pre-paid funerals.



What’s the working environment like at Champs, and how would you describe your co-workers?

We have a very pleasant and relaxed working environment, but professionalism and efficiency are paramount in everything we do. There’s a definite feeling of team spirit and we all support and help each other. 


What’s your favourite way to wind down after a week at work?

I particularly enjoy a nice long walk, ideally in the countryside with my partner (and my camera), and it usually involves calling at the pub for a glass of wine or two.


What’s your advice to someone who is trying to cope with grief?

I would say that everyone has different ways of dealing with grief, but whatever you do, don’t bottle it up. Lianna is a grief care specialist and offers programmes for anyone who is really struggling, and I know that she achieves amazing results.



What superpower would you like to have?

I would like to make the world a nicer place for my children to grow up in without fearing such things as knife crime when they are on a night out. If I can’t achieve that one, then perhaps I could make do with making the sun shine more often.


If you were to tell one person, thank you for what you did, you made me who I am today, who would that be?

I can’t really pin it down to one person. I would have to start with my mum and my three amazing children, whom I love dearly. For sure, I would thank my partner for supporting me through some tough times and always being there for me no matter what. He happens to be a great chef too!

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