Coping with the Season of Grief—Autumn


It was John Keats who wrote about Autumn, “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun”, and for many autumn is a beloved time of year, an old friend showing us its stunning beauty before the onset of winter

But for some, the beautiful colours of autumn, the apples, and pumpkins, as well as the cold autumn air reminds them that winter is coming, and for others still, autumn is the time they remember the loss of a loved one.

During the season of autumn, the nights draw in and the days shorten.  The weather turns colder as the earth cools down from the hot summer and slowly transitions to the colder months of winter.

 The same thing can feel like it’s happening to a person in grief. Along with a cool breeze, come the memories of a long lost loved one. The colder the atmosphere becomes, the gloomier it gets and its tempting to stay in and start to hibernate.  

But reminiscing doesn’t always have to be a sad moment.

During autumn, the leaves of deciduous trees change colours and fall off. You could compare yourself to these trees as you change emotions and shed all the good feelings that Summer brings. However, keep in mind that these trees will start to reproduce and scatter their seeds which will start budding when spring comes—just like you will be able to cope with this seasonal grief and move on again.

It’s just a season. Don’t let yourself fall in Autumn.